WorkSpace Garage Cabinet Choices

With more than 80 options you can create any configuration you want

WorkSpace Garage Cabinets offer a variety of standard system configurations. Many garage owners will find these garage cabinetry systems will fit their needs. But for some homeowners, that’s just the starting point.

With our Online Design tool you can create almost any configuration you want. Need more cabinets? Just add them. Want a second or third tall storage cabinet? Just add it. Want more drawer units? Just add them. WorkBench Garage Storage Cabinets have been designed to let you create almost any configuration you want.

As soon as you’ve created the cabinet configuration you want, you can focus on making everything look great! Four cabinet box colors and five powder-coated door colors can be mixed to create the look you want. Then add a work surface for added utility… a beautiful and durable Butcher Block or almost indestructible Impact Coating. Finally, add Slatwall Panels and accessories and you can have the garage you’ve always wanted.

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Individual WorkSpace Cabinet Choices

Upper Cabinets

More than 45 sizes and configurations of door and open shelving to fit any space like a glove.

Height: 3″ Increments from 12″-42″

Width: 3″ Increments from 9″-36″

3 Depths: 11.5”, 15.5”, 23.75” 

Upper Cabinet Choices

Lower Cabinets

More than 18 sizes and configurations of door, drawer and open shelves to customize the kind of storage you need.

Height: 17″ 29″, 35″

Width: 3″ Increments from 9″-36″

Depth: 22.5″

Lower Cabinet Choices

Tall Cabinets

More than 18 sizes and configurations of door, drawers or open shelving. 

Height: 80″

Width: 3″ Increments from 9″-36″

3 Depths: 12.75”, 16.75”, 23.75″, 29.75″

Tall Cabinet Choices

Corner Cabinets

The companion for tall cabinets, corner cabinets are available as door or open shelving 

Height: 80”

Cabinet Depth: 23.75”

Corner Width: 35-1/2

Corner Cabinet Choices

Specialty Cabinets

Two styles are available… pull out with removable part bins, or convenient trash pull out.

Height: 35”

Width: 16-1/2”

Depth: 22.5”

Specialty Cabinet Choices

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