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Garage Cabinets and Workbenches
by Garage Storage Cabinets!

When it comes to garage storage, garage cabinets are easily the best solution for taking back a cluttered garage. Garage Storage Cabinets' modular approach and easy to install hanging system goes even further by allowing you to design custom wall to wall storage around virtually any and all objects.

Made Sturdy for the Garage
fit for any part of the home

All garage cabinets sport a 300 lbs load capacity, making them one of the toughest storage solutions in the industry.  And with 7 different finishes, these cabinets can add value to any part of the home.

Garage Storage Cabinets are for Everybody, Anywhere!

GSC's Modular Design
can give you peace of mind!

Our garage storage cabinet systems place you in complete control!  Mix and match various heights, widths, and depths of cabinets to create the perfect garage storage system.

See for yourself why an organized garage translates into an organized home!

Become a GSC Dealer
Grow your own business

The GSC Dealer Program is a perfect fit for anyone looking to start their own venture or complement an existing one. NO MINIMUM SALES OR INVENTORY REQUIREMENTS!

From Weekend Warriors to Seasoned Contractors, the GSC Dealer Program fits all!

A Garage Workbench means Utility and Productivity!
Custom Garage Workbench Systems that cater to you.

A workbench can turn an empty area into a utility room, a garage into a workshop.  GSC's garage workbenches are top notch in quality, strength, and durability.  Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and options to fit you're every need.

Garage Storage Cabinets is 14 years old and Counting.
Cabinets, workbenches, and garage storage is what we do and we do it well!

For over 14 years, Garage Storage Cabinets has been a leader in the American Garage Storage Industry and will continue to be so.  To all our loyal customers, thank you for choosing the "original" Garage Storage Cabinets.

Garage Storage Cabinets is an American owned Company
with all Garage Cabinet Products Manufactured in the U.S.

Garage Storage Cabinets is proud to be an American company in today's economy.  Our Garage Cabinet products are 100% American Manufactured with Distributors throughout the country.  You can Buy Direct or Locate a Dealer.

Solid garage cabinet, workbench configuration!

White Melamine Garage Cabinets - 9 feet wide, 77.25 inches tall, 16 inches deep - Delivered to your home $1,099!

GSC Modular Systems Allow MAXIMUM flexibility.

Build around windows, refrigerators, tool boxes, outlets, water pipes, etc...  Great for garages and basements, too!  Systems start at $700.  Call us and we'll help you work within your budget.

Light Maple Wood Grain Melamine Garage Cabinets - 13 feet wide, 72 inches tall, 16 inches deep - Delivered to your home - $1,299!


300 lbs load capacity per cabinet regardless of size!
Workbenches, Framed Pegboards, Drawers and Bins
Our Garage Storage Systems place you in total control!


Our Garage Cabinets make designing fun and installing easy.
Get to know the garage cabinet sizes!
All Garage Storage Cabinets are available in 7 different finishes!

Ways to Buy

Ways to Buy
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Ways to Buy
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Ways to Buy
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Garage Storage Cabinets

Our garage storage cabinets offer the widest choice of options. The range is so versatile that you can customize a garage system for any type of garage. By combining with equally large variety of ready-to-fit accessories, you can create highly attractive, robust, and economical storage.

The cabinets are designed modular on purpose and made in sizes convenient to suit individual requirements of customers. Here is a brief feature-list:

  • 45 models
  • 7 finishes
  • 3 different depths - 12", 16”, and 24"
  • Modular design
  • Made of solid 3/4" furniture-grade material

The garage storage cabinets can bear loads up to 300 lbs; sturdy enough to allow stowing of tools, sports equipment and such things and keep the garage floor free of the clutter. In fact, with the eye-catching finishes, the cabinets have a sophistication making them right for other parts of the home too.

We also offer drawers, bins, and framed pegboards that help you to extend the utility value of garage storage. Durability and safety are the hallmarks of the garage storage cabinets; and are further supported by a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The cabinets have two striking features: the ease with which you can install them and truly competitive prices. As such, they are ideal for both the do-it-yourself enthusiasts and dealers in the garage remodeling business.

Our technical sales persons would be happy to assist in designing, selecting the right models and matching accessories; to create designer garage systems Contact us today.