Garage Organization Advice


Custom Storage SolutionsFor years now, people looking for ways to gain storage and achieve organization in their home have contacted us. Most are looking for a “do it yourself” project to simplify their lifestyle by organizing their garage, basement, utility room, etc. The best way to get started is to decide how you want to use your space. Decide which space should be organized for which purpose. Organize your  space in a way that makes it easy for you to do the things you need to do  and to be able to get to the stored items you need easily. As with every organization project that you tackle, organizing your home is about making your life easier and more manageable.  Our Work Space and RedLine Garagegear cabinets offer maximum storage and organization for the “do it yourselfer”.

Do It Yourself Organization

The Storage SolutionIn continuing with our organization theme, we would like to share some kind words from a customer. She was very happy with the help of our professional dealer. Her words, “I loved his recommendations when he came out to see the layout. Because of his experience, I ended up with a very user-friendly layout that meets all my needs.”

This is just one example of how good organization in the home can mean peace of mind. Consider how organization might make your home a happier place. We offer our assistance and experience to help with any organizational needs you may have.

Additional storage is usually one of the first things folks will tell you they need. As people, we simply accumulate a lot of “stuff” over the years. At, we offer a wide variety of solutions for all storage needs and our do it yourself cabinets are a great way to bring balance and peace of mind to any home.

Further Organization

Another great way to get organized in the home is to utilize shelving. Shelving creates great space where items can be organized and still remain easily accessible and visible. Shelving is often an overlooked aspect of home décor and furniture. Ignoring its importance can make a big difference in the comfort and convenience of your home. A clean and well organized workspace ultimately saves time, frees up wasted space, reduces stress, and increases self-esteem. With the right amount of planning and perseverance, it becomes possible to store your items while still having easy access to them. By following a few simple steps, you can utilize shelving to its fullest extent and greatly reduce clutter in your life.

Clutter Control

Messy, Cluttered GarageIs clutter and chaos ruining your life? Do you have areas of your home that are so completely disorganized you lose time just looking for things? Have you had to replace items simply because you can’t find where you put them? Our modular garage cabinets can help ease the clutter in your home. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the many different types of items. Since all cabinetry and shelving is modular, you can design a storage system that is perfect for your needs. Once you have all your necessary items put away, where you can find them, you can again gain peace of mind. Let our modular melamine storage cabinets work for you.

Sneaky Silent Enemy: Clutter

A messy area of the garageIt’s silent, it’s sneaky, and it creeps about in all corners. Its name…CLUTTER. It is our enemy and it can only be conquered through organization. Sometimes our homes don’t have enough storage. We need to find any and all areas of the home where additional storage can be created. Our Work Space storage cabinets and RedLine Garagegear cabinets are modular; making it easy to fit them around almost any obstacle. They can easily be added to any room in the home. With our garage cabinets and storage solutions you can organize all the stuff you want to store behind doors, effectively killing the clutter.

Organization of the Home

Custom Storage SolutionsTrue home organization is all about function. The goal of organizing isn’t to make your home pristine but rather to make your life more calm and functional. Less clutter, a simplified home, can mean more quality time for you and your family, and improved productivity. Our garage storage cabinets come in multiple sizes to help you achieve the organization your home needs to function smoothly. Organizing doesn’t stop at the front (or back) door. Getting your garage in order can help reduce stress; make it easier to find and store tools and yard equipment; and, best of all, give you space to park the car. Reclaim your garage as usable space for the things you actually need, and bring a bit more order to your life.

Do It Yourself

65in  Garage Cabinet Work SpaceAny home remodeling job or addition can become costly. In these tough economic times, many people decide to do the work themselves. We have many calls about our WorkSpace storage cabinets. The usual question is “How hard are your cabinets to install?” Our answer is almost always the same – “If you can assemble an entertainment center, you can install our cabinets.” As a result, we have helped many do it yourselfers organize their homes. The list of satisfied customers continues to grow. They are proud to have done the job themselves and are very happy with the storage they have gained from their new storage cabinets. All are pleased with how neat their garages now look.

Heavy Duty Garage Cabinets

RedLine Garagegear Storage SystemsDo you have a lot of stuff in your garage? Typically most homeowners have an abundance of heavier type items in the garage, which usually wind up on the floor. Our heavy duty Redline Garagegear garage cabinets are built to handle just such objects. The higher load capacity of our heavy duty cabinets makes Garage Storage Cabinets ideal to get all that heavy stuff off the floor of your garage. Most do it yourselfers can install our cabinets using our detailed instructions to guide them. You can have an organized garage too. For design assistance, just give us a call at the toll free number listed on our home page.

Organization to Bring About Less Stress

Work Space Storage CabinetsOrganization does not always begin with sorting what goes where and ridding oneself of excess items, but that is a good place to start. Often times it means opting for “better”. Choosing quality over quantity doesn’t mean your home needs to be full of expensive stuff, or that an abundance of anything is necessarily bad. Our do it yourself Work Space storage cabinets are a great example of quality. They are durable and can readily hold all of your stuff. Once you have a nice custom designed set of cabinets in your home, you are free to surround yourself with the stuff you find most beautiful, most useful, and most meaningful, and see if decreasing the quantity of stuff in your world doesn’t also bump the quality of your life.

More on Organizing

Work Space Storage CabinetsDid you know that being organized invites expansion, enjoyment and relaxation? Once you pinpoint what being organized means to you, you can create a plan to get you there. It sometimes is difficult to justify getting organized because of the perceived cost involved. It doesn’t have to be costly. Our cabinets are both economical and practical. With WorkSpace storage cabinets in the home, you will be able to organize your belongings. You can even do it yourself to save even more. The investment made getting organized pays off more quickly than you may imagine, and in ways you may have never considered. Do you crave the peace, calm and beauty greater organization would offer you? If you can clean out the clutter you will develop organizational skills which will help you gain focus in all areas of your life. Begin your organization journey by giving us a call: 888-356-6935.

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