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A Garage Organization Checklist for Ultimate Garage Storage

RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets InstalledIt’s a fact that only about 31 percent of men claim to have garage organization. However, those that have achieved garage organization said they decided to do so because: they needed more space; they believed their garage could be safer with proper garage storage on the wall; they wanted to make selling their home easier.

Did you know that a single person can save 140 hours a year looking for something if their garage was organized?

For all of these reasons, more and more people are realizing that garage organization is important and garage storage is worth investing in. To help you get started, here is a checklist for garage organization and ultimate garage storage:

  • Measure your garage to see how much wall space you have to work with. Once you begin investing in garage storage, the first goal should be to get as much onto the wall as possible.
  • Categorize the items in your garage by function so you know how much space you need to achieve garage organization. Common categories include: woodworking tools and supplies; home paint and maintenance; sports equipment tools; car washing and maintenance items; etc.
  • Toss out or donate things you don’t use, have duplicates of, and things that are broken or worn
  • Determine how many garage storage units you might need based on the categories of garage items you want to store.
  • Determine what (if any) specialty garage cabinets you might need based on the items you want to store. For example: heavy items that are used often are probably best stored in a cabinet drawer; poisonous yard and pest chemicals may be best kept in small, locked upper cabinets; slat wall panels and accessories are a good choice for yard maintenance tools; they also work well for storing smaller tools above a workbench area.
  • Consider a corner cabinet to maximize unsued corner space.
  • Choose a finish that fits you and your home’s style. GarageStorageCabinets.com offers 20 attractive mix-and-match color combinations; ensuring each customer a look that fits their lifestyle.


Custom Storage SolutionsFor years now, people looking for ways to gain storage and achieve organization in their home have contacted us. Most are looking for a “do it yourself” project to simplify their lifestyle by organizing their garage, basement, utility room, etc. The best way to get started is to decide how you want to use your space. Decide which space should be organized for which purpose. Organize your  space in a way that makes it easy for you to do the things you need to do  and to be able to get to the stored items you need easily. As with every organization project that you tackle, organizing your home is about making your life easier and more manageable.  Our Work Space and RedLine Garagegear cabinets offer maximum storage and organization for the “do it yourselfer”.

Do It Yourself Organization

The Storage SolutionIn continuing with our organization theme, we would like to share some kind words from a customer. She was very happy with the help of our professional dealer. Her words, “I loved his recommendations when he came out to see the layout. Because of his experience, I ended up with a very user-friendly layout that meets all my needs.”

This is just one example of how good organization in the home can mean peace of mind. Consider how organization might make your home a happier place. We offer our assistance and experience to help with any organizational needs you may have.

Additional storage is usually one of the first things folks will tell you they need. As people, we simply accumulate a lot of “stuff” over the years. At GarageStorageCabinets.com, we offer a wide variety of solutions for all storage needs and our do it yourself cabinets are a great way to bring balance and peace of mind to any home.

Further Organization

Another great way to get organized in the home is to utilize shelving. Shelving creates great space where items can be organized and still remain easily accessible and visible. Shelving is often an overlooked aspect of home décor and furniture. Ignoring its importance can make a big difference in the comfort and convenience of your home. A clean and well organized workspace ultimately saves time, frees up wasted space, reduces stress, and increases self-esteem. With the right amount of planning and perseverance, it becomes possible to store your items while still having easy access to them. By following a few simple steps, you can utilize shelving to its fullest extent and greatly reduce clutter in your life.

Clutter Free

Messy, Cluttered GarageA problem that tens of millions of American households suffer is that of clutter. Many of us resolve to become clutter free, to organize our lives, to simplify. As we reach these resolutions, we must determine what to do with all the stuff that has been cluttering our lives. Shelving and/or garage cabinets are a great solution for storing the items we must have.

One of the secrets to getting your home and surroundings permanently neat and tidy is to assess your full storage needs, both inside the house and outside. After that assessment, you can then ensure you have the right storage facilities in the right place. What will make your organizing resolution a success is consistent effort over time.

Of course, for assistance you can call GarageStorageCabinets.com for your storage needs: 1-888-356-6935

Get Organized with Our Work Space Cabinets!

Work Space Storage CabinetsThere are a lot of products out there for storage use. There are many types of cabinets, shelving, overhead racks, and slat wall that all attempt to provide you with the same thing – organization. Organization can be obtained in various ways, in virtually all areas of the home with our Work Space cabinets. The top, bottom, and sides of these cabinets is made from a durable commercial grade thermofused melamine; while the door and drawer fronts are given a powder coat finish for added durability to the parts that will get used the most. These cabinets are perfect for use in the garage, basement, a utility room, or any other area in need of additional storage. With 20 color combinations available, we’re sure to have something that coordinates well with any decor. Get your garage organized today with cabinets from our Work Space line!

Free yourself of clutter

Modular Storage Cabinet SystemsGarage Storage Cabinets provide a nice line-up of cabinets for the home. Our cabinets can be used in all areas of the home, not just the garage. For a unique twist on storage, our cabinets can also be used to create shelving. Our Work Space cabinets are great for use in the basement, utility room, laundry room, pantry, and, of course, let’s not forget the garage. The door and drawer fronts are powder coated to provide an added layer of protection to the most used parts of the cabinets. The top, bottom, and side panels are made of a commercial grade thermofused melamine that wipes clean easily and resists moisture. Let GarageStorageCabinets.com help you all the areas of your home.

For assistance, please feel free to give us a call at 1-888-356-6935

Kill the Clutter!

Heavy Duty Storage SolutionsOne of the biggest challenges faced by many people is the daunting task of organizing and de-cluttering. The key to successfully removing clutter from your life is to define what your ideal life should look like and then deciding which of your belongings still fits in the picture. For all the belongings you have left – we have cabinets or shelving to help you organize them the easiest way possible. Our Work Space storage cabinets provide ample storage while looking nice in any area of the home. Our cabinets provide heavy duty storage with very high load capacity.  Stay tuned for more organizing tips and storage advice.

The “Get It Together” Zone

When organizing your home, there are a few key questions you should be asking yourself…

  1. What would be the best use of the available space in my home? – When organizing your home, think about what would make the most sense. If you need additional storage in any of the areas, our garage cabinets may be the answer.
  2. Will organizing my space make my life easier? – At the end of the day, easier is better. It makes your life all the more enjoyable and it’s a good way to relieve stress. With that in mind, our modular cabinetry and shelving may be just what you’ve been looking for.
  3. What function do I want out of my available space? – Creating zones in your home is a great way to get and stay organized. Both our Work Space and RedLine cabinets make it easy to create zones and add storage as you need it.

Clutter Control

Messy, Cluttered GarageIs clutter and chaos ruining your life? Do you have areas of your home that are so completely disorganized you lose time just looking for things? Have you had to replace items simply because you can’t find where you put them? Our modular garage cabinets can help ease the clutter in your home. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the many different types of items. Since all cabinetry and shelving is modular, you can design a storage system that is perfect for your needs. Once you have all your necessary items put away, where you can find them, you can again gain peace of mind. Let our modular melamine storage cabinets work for you.

Questions? Call 1-888-356-6935